ORMOC CITY-The abundance of marine life foods in the seawaters of Catarman, Northern Samar resulted in the frequent visit of the world’s biggest fish locally called “butanding” or whale shark.

The latest whale shark citing took place last August 25 at about 3 pm on the shore of Barangay Dalakit in the said town.

The frequent presence of this world’s largest fish was observed by local residents who do not disturb them while they are hunting for food.

The whale shark was seen in the area until 5 pm.

Local residents in the area just observed what the whale shark was doing as the local government of this town prevented them from harming this endangered fish based on national law.

After enjoying the Catarman waters, the whale shark returned to the depths of the waters.
The presence of this giant marine fish is common in Eastern Visayas.

In Southern Leyte, whale sharks have been observed to be present several times in a year passing at their seawaters. Their presence became important to the LGUs as this boosted their tourism industry.