Leyte Samar Daily Express is back to provide information in Leyte and Samar to include Biliran and Southern Leyte.
Nov. 8 a black-letter day in Tacloban and other towns both in Leyte and Samar when Yolanda unleashed its fury – the strongest and most destructive typhoon that hit our areas in these times. A similar typhoon hit Leyte in 1912 – popularly known among elders in Barugo community-Bagyo Han Dose and Bagyo Oguis. Dose is understandable but Oguis I have no idea why. To cockpit aficionados, Oguis is described as white-feathered fighting cock. This information was shared to me by former vice mayor Vic Ayuste, a scion of the Army blood-line.
In past typhoons that hit our land, they hit and come with a sudden impact but short-lived. A day or two when a typhoon leaves, the sun shines, with cool air still abounds.

Over two months and a half as of this writing since Yolanda left, clouds still rule the heavens with occasional drizzle falling. It is cool, and the sun remains shy, hidden behind the clouds, and if ever, it appears for just a short moment.
Is this already an effect of what has been touted as climate change?

We commend the Leyte Metropolitan Water District that after just a few days after Yolanda left, water was available to consumers.
(Thank you GM Nestor “Ganggang” Villasin and your able line and staff).
“Ganggang” is a viable timber for a congressional post if he so desires and I hope he does. Will it be in the second district of Leyte? Bet!!

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas announced that the government (national?) will assume the responsibilities of repair, renovation of civic centers, municipal halls, and markets in Yolanda affected municipalities (cities). He revealed this in a dialogue Sunday. A  P40B budget is earmarked for this plan in the meeting in January 19 to mayors and members of the Provincial Disaster Reduction and Management Council held at capitol.
United Nations, local humanitarian agencies and other international groups have provided Yolanda typhoon victims with adequate typhoon relief assistance to include cash.

In Tacloban City, there is a need for more facilities to collect sacks and mountains of garbage uncollected. Of course garbage collection is on-going but it seems they cannot and has not collected this garbage efficiently and effectively two and a half months since Yolanda left.
Crying moments should be over.