On the protection and promotion of the rights of citizens , specially the underprivileged students, No Permit, No Exam Prohibition Law was signed by President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos and Senate President Miguel Zubiri the law was signed.
Let us delve on this.

As per Republic Act 11984, also known as the No Permit, No Exam Prohibition Act, students with unpaid tuition and other school fees are now allowed to take their scheduled periodic and final exams without requiring a permit. This law applies to “disadvantaged students” in both public and private basic institutions (from K to 12), higher education institutions, and technical vocational institutions. Here are the key points:

1. Mandate for Exams: All educational institutions covered by this Act must accommodate and allow disadvantaged students unable to pay tuition and other fees to take their periodic and final examinations without needing a permit. For K to 12 students, this mandate applies for the entire school year.

2. Disadvantaged Status Certification: A social welfare and development officer or the regional office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) must issue a “necessary certificate on the disadvantaged status of the student.” This certification may be due to calamities, emergencies, force majeure, or other reasons specified in the implementing rules and regulations.

3. Voluntary Compliance: Schools have the option to voluntarily let disadvantaged students with outstanding school fees take their exams or receive their relevant records and credentials without requiring the certification mentioned above.

4. Retained Rights: Although students with outstanding fees cannot be barred from taking their exams, educational institutions still retain the right and power to require students to submit a promissory note, withhold their records and credentials, or resort to other legal and administrative remedies for collecting unpaid fees.

We are waiting for the Implementing Rules and Regulations for the said law as this is a very important measure for our people.