Part of its corporate social responsibility

TACLOBAN CITY-Ever wonder on several pedestrian lanes in the city’s main streets designed with fries pack on them? These unique pedestrian lanes, six in all, was purposely designed not only to get the attention of the pedestrians but more importantly to ensure that they would follow the city’s ordinance on anti-jay walking. These pedestrian lanes were put up by the Fahrenheit Food Center as part of its corporate social responsibility, Shane Lawrence Ty of the Fahrenheit Food Center, said. Fahrenheit Food Center is one of Tacloban’s most known restaurants offering varied meals and snacks. Ty said that they have noticed that some pedestrians just cross the streets without any warning which could pose danger to them. “We live in a city and there should be some order of sort in the streets. Putting up these pedestrian lanes is our own way of helping our pedestrians where to cross the streets,” Ty explained. Thus, with these pedestrian lanes the public could avoid being fined. Violators are to pay a P500 fine or render community service. The pedestrian lanes, made of traffic paints in yellow, red and white colors, are located at M.H. del Pilar, Justice Romualdez, Real, Salazar and Rizal Avenue extension. Ty said that they put up these eye-catching pedestrian lanes in these areas as these are among Tacloban’s busiest streets. These pedestrian lanes were put up last month. The city government has intensified its campaign on anti-jaywalking to instill discipline among street users and in the process, avoid incidence.  (JOEY A. GABIETA)