TACLOBAN CITY- This city and other areas affected by the supertyphoon Yolanda would continue to receive assistance from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
This assurance was made by no less than the UNDP administrator, Helen Clark, during her visit to Tacloban on March 27 as she personally inspected some areas where the organization has a sponsored program.
“We will be here” Clark said.
Clark said that after the emergency recovery work, and as the government is working to the next stage, the UNDP is supporting the plan of authorities to get the livelihoods going on sustainable places.
The UNDP is behind, among others, various cash-for-work program in all Yolanda-hit areas, to include Tacloban considered to be the ground zero of Yolanda.
During her visit, Clark made a brief visit to different barangays in the city, particularly at Barangay 88 and at the San Jose Central School, both located at San Jose district, one of the hardest-hit areas of Tacloban where hundreds of lives were lost and properties damaged and destroyed due to the megastorm.
Clark met with Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez who showed her the office where all international humanitarian groups are to hold office.
The office is located at the Balyuan Building.
“The hub office is a very important sign that UNDP and OCHA (Office for Coordination on Humanitarian Affairs) will have coordinating roles and we want to support the authorities to be putting their plans and place in drawing the map,” she said.
Clark said that she was encouraged by the many on-going activities indicating that efforts to support people regain their income are producing results.
The UNDP, according to Clark, proposed for a 3-year program and activities, and with the support of Australia, UNDP will be sending two  technical experts to the mayor’s office to support the work that UNDP will be doing, “we will  be here” added Clark.
“I am impressed with what I have seen, I know how deep the scar in people’s heart; a lot of trauma to deal with; my heart goes with everybody. However there is this spirit coming through that Tacloban is going to live and is going to be vibrant and this is very important” Clark said. (LIZBETH ANN ABELLA)