ObserverPresident Noynoy C. Aquino III in the area of trust and approval ratings from the Filipino people is still high. Indeed it is high simply because he is doing his job to the utmost level of sincerity in leading in the affairs of governance day to day. Of course the drop of his trust and approval ratings in Metro Manila and some areas in the Visayas is understandable. Those respondents in the Yolanda-hit areas will surely express their negative reaction of how government responded to the calamity because of the many at times, unreasonable unmet personal desires and wishes, relative to their being victims of the supertyphoon. To the neutral observers they understand.
Metro Manila has always been a critic of government under any administration.
Government definitely has not failed to respond to what the victims need. In fact there are reports of some victims having received more than enough relief goods to have sold a good part of them to willing buyers considering the low-priced rice, canned goods, etc. since it has not incurred capital acquiring them.
One of the typhoon aide being awaited is the reported P40,000 as supposedly to be granted by the government to these victims. I was wondering, has government this much resources that it can distribute this amount to hundreds of households? I doubt.
The on-going construction and development of permanent housing units in some areas to be given to survivors of the super-typhoon is very touching.
The President while doing his job well and effectively, still receives negative feedback in spite. It’s the political opposition saying them as 2016 nears.
Hinunangan Enterprises of Hinunangan, Southern Leyte is ready to join the caravan of construction companies in the rebuilding and rehabilitation activities in areas that were badly hit by super-typhoon Yolanda especially in Leyte.
Engr. Ferdinand “Ferdie” Fernandez the proprietor and general manager of this construction establishment revealed that they are willing to receive contracts like repairs of structures both public and private like buildings, bridges, markets, classrooms etc., at a very minimal cost. Having been in the business for over 20 years they feel that they must contribute their share in this reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in Yolanda-devastated areas, sort of payback time, because most of the victims come from the poor.
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