Efforts to clean the environment had been upbeat following advocacies from government and stakeholders to save mother earth. In the face of serious threats to human life and the annihilation of living organisms, people allover the world are getting aware of the risks brought about by environmental degradation. The wanton abuse of natural resources had caused irreparable damage to mother earth.

The unabated and insatiable extraction of minerals, the cutting of trees, the mismanagement of water and other resources of the earth, for more than what is necessary, had deprived the greater majority while a few are raking in wealth by exploiting the wealth of the earth. The denudation of our forests appears to be athe result of rampant cutting without replacement for sustainability.

The depletion of resources due to excessive utilization for commercial purposes had affected the lives of everybody, including the greater portion of the population who do not take a gainful share of the riches being extracted. Those who reap the natural resources seldom take responsibility ensuring the life not just of the present but of generations.

Natural calamities that hit peoples around the globe had been traced in some scientific studies as caused environmental destruction. Deforestation for instance directly affects communities in lowland areas that become catch basins of runoff water from denuded mountains. It too is contributory to the decreased water levels of watersheds. Without trees to hold rainwater, rivers, streams and creeks are also affected.

The adverse effects of environmental destruction are multifarious. It threatens mankind’s safety and security in our only habitat. Man is supposed to be the stewards of mother earth. If the present state of the environment would be the yardstick of such stewardship, it seems we have failed in preserving the earth from irresponsibility of people in various parts of the globe that had gradually been littered with trash.

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