In Northern Samar

CAMP CARLOS DELGADO, Catarman, Northern Samar-The top 3 most wanted in the municipality of Lope de Vega, Northern Samar who is a member of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) was arrested by the authorities on January 27, 2023.

Based on the report, the accused identified as “Ka Len-len,” 40, was arrested by the operating teams comprised of the 1st Northern Samar Provincial Mobile Force Company led by PMajor Norman S. Kiat-ong, force commander; Provincial Intelligence Unit; and the 43rd Infantry Battalion in Brgy. Daganas, Catarman town for attempted murder.

Apprised of his constitutional rights, “Ka Len-len” was brought to the 1st NSPMFC for proper disposition before his turnover to the court having jurisdiction of his case. A bail bond of P120,000 was recommended for his temporary liberty.

Meanwhile, in the morning on the same date, a barangay visitation and distribution of food packs were conducted by Palapag MPS led by PCpt. Norben D. Carbonera, acting chief of police, together with the 20th Infantry Battalion in Brgy. Napo, Palapag town.

With this continuous heed of the government, Ka Maker, 55 years old; Ka Ben, 50 years old; Ka Fredi, 41 years old; Ka Nick, 32 years old; and Ka Roger, 45 years old, all are categorized as members of the Under Ground Mass Organization (UGMO) under the command of Ka Raz, Squad Leader of Front Committee 15, Sub-Regional Committee ARCTIC-EVRPC had withdrawn their support from the communist movement and decided to return into the folds of the law.

Accordingly, their surrender was fueled by their desire to be reintegrated back into the community.

With this, PCol. Alfredo J. Tadefa, provincial director, is continuously calling on all members of the CPP-NPA in the province to peacefully surrender to be with their families.

“I am encouraging the remaining rebels to hear our call for peace. The government will provide the necessary benefits under the E-CLIP and LSIP,” PCol. Tadefa urged.

Palapag MPS is now in the process of assessing and preparing the requirements for their enrollment in the said programs. (PR)