Did you know that the sweetest water in the world is found in the town of Caibiran?
In particular, at Tomalistis Fall which is located in Barangay Asug which is just 20 minutes from the town proper.
The Tomalistis Falls is believed and has been reported to have the “sweetest-tasting” water in the world. Its water’s taste has a different kind of peculiarity that makes it exquisite.
The falls is known to be a main source of fresh water in the place.
Tourists and local folks visited the falls on summer or every special day also because of its cold temperature.
People enjoyed much in the falls and the sea just beside the falls.
Tomalistis Falls in Caibiran is one of its extraordinary attractions that will surely leave an impression on every visitor.
This falls made it to Guinness Book of World Records because it has the “sweetest-tasting water in the world.
(Note: The author is the teacher-in-charge of the Tinocdugan Elementary School, Leyte First Division, Leyte, Leyte)