TACLOBAN CITY– The ongoing construction of a significant flood control structure along the Tigbao River is making steady progress, with 10% of the project already completed.
The construction, which commenced on February 22, 2024, is slated for completion within 322 calendar days.

With a total contract amount of P144,700.96, the project entails the construction of 580 meters of stone masonry along the Tigbao Bridge.

This structure is designed to be the primary flood control mechanism in the area.

Upon completion, the structure is expected to protect nearby communities by preventing the river stream from overflowing and flooding their homes.

This is a crucial initiative for Tacloban City, a region that is frequently threatened by floods due to its geographical location, topography, and the presence of numerous bodies of water.

Historical studies have revealed that vanished ancient waterways, identified through the alignment of digitized Spanish-era and American-era maps with Google maps, can pose flooding hazards. This finding highlights the importance of the current flood control project.

“Our primary goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of Tacloban City’s residents. We are confident that this structure, once completed, will significantly mitigate the risk of flooding in the area,” OIC-District Engineer Rebecca G. Yuse stated.