This comes as a requiem of sorts to the former Secretary Sara Z. Duterte of the many things she was unable to figure out , there is a very important, most vital thing that she had ot right, that teachers are performing better when they are recharged, valued and given importance.

The undisturbed June vacation and the dropping of administrative tasks for the obviusly overworked teacher is great, downright admirable.

Well, the Philippines is 4th from the bottom dwellers in the PISA Rankings. It is not unusual nor surprising.

That recent result is undeniably, still a reality check for all of us in this sector, we are not better off.

But perhaps ,the focus on the teachers, its well being and the intention to keep them rested or unshackled is actually, to me the start of reform and perhaps progress in education.

I cannot help but be sad about the fact that Vice President Sara Duterte was swayed by the family crusade of being Maisog when the people knew that those rants are simply self serving and aimed to discredit the President and His Administration.

In all, I am confident in my verdict and belief that she had done a good job in that sector, she cared.

Still, looking back she could have played differently, but maybe that is how the cookie crumble.

Lastly, i wish that Undisturbed vacation and unshackled from Admin Tasks teaching, that trend, that fad, that reality could continue, may it be!