Magiting at mainit ang sikat ng Haring Araw, wari koy nag papaala sa paglimot ng nakaraan. The Sun was shining so bright to remind the people of the heroism and sacrifices it tries to forget.

In this era, it does not matter if you are right or wrong, it matters only what you like and prefer, not what is good and correct. The Sun tries so hard but it is obscured by the preference and likes of what is pleasurable not of what is morally right.

As I write this piece it is total Black-out in the City Of Tacloban, the Sun is Super Hot at 39 Degrees Celsius for Leyte Province. My youngest daughter is Watching GOMBURZA on Netflix and I have 4,000 pages of Internship Contract Agreement in front of me waiting for signature, it was the very intense heat that engulf the theme of this Araw ng Kagitingan.

As time goes by there is an obvious trend to forget the heroic past. The sacrifices of the Katipuneros and the Rebolusyonarios are nothing more than a fiction like film or as one would say exaggerated narrative that is not as significant as the new hit songs of celebrities and the latest viral memes. Sad but the heroic past cannot compete with contemporary videos in Tiktok and the viral FB posts. The past is past as the FB post would declare and perhaps for the Valor of our past is meet with nonchalance and detachment of our youth.

The sad reality Filipinos, at times, exhibit a tendency to overlook or move past the heroism of the past. This phenomenon can be attributed to several factors:

1. Collective Memory: As generations pass, the collective memory of historical events tends to fade. Newer generations may not have a direct connection to the struggles and sacrifices of past heroes.

2. Daily Life Demands: The hustle and bustle of daily life often consumes our attention. Filipinos face various challenges, from economic pressures to personal responsibilities. Amid these demands, historical reflection may take a back seat.

3. Political Distractions: Political controversies, scandals, and power struggles dominate public discourse. These distractions can divert attention away from commemorating heroism and focusing on present issues.

4. Selective Memory: Sometimes, Filipinos selectively remember aspects of history. Certain events are celebrated, while others are conveniently forgotten. This can lead to gaps in our understanding of heroism.

In the end, we are doomed, if we continue to flush down the drain our history in favor of our tendency to be stimulated by present realities. Let us strike a balance and never ever forget the valiant past and the sacrifices for freedom.