While challenges persist, local community and city colleges continue to shape the educational landscape, providing opportunities for students and contributing to national development. Across the United States there are 1,462 community colleges. Of these, 1,047 are public institutions and 415 private. In the Philippines , to date, according to Dr. Rene Colocar, former President of the Association of Local Colleges and Universities (ALCU), there are 123 local colleges and universities on record. With 81 provinces, 146 cities and 1,488 municipalities in the Philippines.

Becoming part of the National Board of the 123 LUC President by virtue of the National Elections , this writer was ushered in to the realities pressing the Local Community Colleges. As its Regional Director , I am constantly exposed to the realities , problems and opportunities of the LUCs. In the Eastern Visayas Region , Abuyog Community College , Burauen , Community College , Collegio de Las Navas boost of long years of experience in the tertiary education stage . With Ormoc City College and Catbalogan City Community Colleges as newbie in the field.

Some local colleges face significant challenges. These may include limited resources, outdated facilities, and difficulties in attracting quality faculty. Struggling colleges often grapple with low enrollment, which affects their financial stability. Many local colleges persist despite challenges.

They adapt to changing educational landscapes and continue serving their communities. These colleges focus on improving student outcomes, enhancing curriculum, and building strong ties with local employers.

Persistence requires resilience, flexibility, and a commitment to student success. These are the very reality of Abuyog Community College , we persists because we need to , we knew that people will be affected cruelly and yet surely due to the fact that thousands depend on us as Administrators and Leaders.

We have to call everyone (organic Employee and contingent or Job Order employees. In the end, we thrive because we are pushed and buoyed beyond the sights of scarcity and problems, we are seeing smiles, we are feeling hope in our students and their families. We are giving subtly perhaps but surely, we do give hope . We want to give our people a fighting chance in this cruel world,