TACLOBAN CITY-Filipino volunteers who have shown exemplary performance and dedication to service in helping people and communities will once again be given recognition in their role in development and nation-building as the Search for Outstanding Volunteers 2014 goes on.

Individuals of Filipino citizenship and Filipino or local chapters of foreign or international non-profit or corporation organizations are qualified to participate.
Awards for grabs are Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award (VLAA) and National Outstanding Volunteer Award (NOVA).

For an individual, group or organization that do not qualify under the regular SOV categories but which are deemed meritorious in accomplishment, a Special Citation in Volunteerism will also be conferred to recognize volunteering efforts and/or support to volunteerism.

There are however more specific qualifications being considered among the nominees in each category in order to get the coveted award.

The Regional Search Committee will careful screen the nominations and submit to the SOV National Selection Committee all the nominations on or before September 15 this year. The awarding will be held in Manila on December 12.

Louie Quebec, the media representative to the Regional Development Council, disclosed that the deadline for submission of entry is on July 31. (EILEEN NAZARENO-BALLESTEROS)