The PAF introduces the addition of its newly acquired two (2) of the six (6) delivered brand new T-129 Attack Helicopter from which marks a breakthrough in the performance of surface strike missions by the unit. These aircraft will be deployed to support combat operations in the southern part of the country, performing roles such as day and night close air support, precision strike, deep strike territorial defense, military operation on urban terrain and air to air warfare.

Moreover, these dedicated aircraft are design for counter insurgency operations and can equip with a wide array of munitions. It is equipped with integrated aircraft survivability equipment, it is built to operate in a challenging environment. Its electronic warfare system that can detect and dispense countermeasure against approaching missiles, combined with capability to deliver stand-off munitions, makes the T-129 ATAK a dreadful helicopter capable of suppressing enemy air defense.

The T-129 features an integrated targeting and cueing system with a sensor turret that contains electro- optical and infrared cameras with a laser designator and lase spot tracker. Its targeting sight unit captures high quality video images and can multiple target tracking. This advance targeting systems calculates target position, distance, course and speed parameters designated and or measures the target range for accurate delivery of rockets and 20mm munitions.

The acquisition of said aircraft is part of the priority project under horizon 2 of the AFP Modernization Program. The contract for acquisition of six (6) helicopters was signed by the AFP-DND and the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in mid-2020. So far this was considered to be a largest acquisitions project with a valued almost a 13.7 billion pesos.

he acquisitions follow a total package approach and includes complete integrated logistics such as spare parts for two years of operation, training for pilots and crew, ground support equipment and tools for main and forward operating bases, technical support and warranty.
The modernization project of the AFP as a whole brings hope and triumph to the Filipino despite the challenges, its newest addition is now soaring the skies. It is expected to boost further the PAF capability to protect the state against insurgents and terrorists, complementing the capabilities of the existing PAF attack air assets to become more lethal and precise strike capability. The full operationalization of the T-129 ATAK embodies the actualization of a modern and formidable force capable of guarding the priority areas with a new level of lethality and precision. (PR)