THAT need is clearly seen when Christ himself said: “Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.” (Mk 3,35) If we always abide by our Christian faith that we have been created in God’s image and likeness, meant to share in his divine life and nature, then the only conclusion we can make is to unite our will with God’s will.

Our will, which is where we find our true selves, should not just be floating around on its own, thinking that it is how it enjoys its freedom. We need to acknowledge that our will is a creation of God and is meant to be united with God’s will. We need to acknowledge the truth that our real freedom is when our will is united with the will of God.

This, definitely, is not an easy task to do, given the fact that it is precisely in our will where we choose whether we would like to be with God, to be part of his family, or to be simply on our own. And given how we handle this issue, starting with our first parents all the way to the present, we always have the strong tendency to think that our will is simply our own.

We therefore have to be strongly wary of this danger and do everything we can to avoid it. I suppose it goes without saying that we need to be frequently reminded that our will needs to be anchored on the will of God. That’s how our will acquires its proper status.

Especially nowadays when there are just so many things that can grab our will to be on its own, we really need to train ourselves to develop a strong regimen of self-discipline and constant rectification.

It would be good if we frequently make pauses during the day to see where our will is anchored. That’s because even in those areas where we can exercise a certain autonomy or where we are encouraged to make initiatives, etc., we should be clear that all these things should be done in accord with God’s will. Everything should be referred to God’s will.

We need to remember always that our true humanity or the perfection of our humanity can only be properly pursued if our will is united with God’s will. Christ, the pattern of our humanity, shows us the way when he himself said, “Truly, I tell you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing.” (Jn 5,19)

This constant need to refer everything to God’s will will obviously require tremendous humility on our part, given our strong tendency to do our own will alone. That’s why Christ himself said that if we have to follow him, we need to deny ourselves and carry cross. (cfr. Mt 16,24) There is no other formula for us to discipline our will to be united with God’s will.

We need to convince ourselves strongly and frequently that it is when our will is united with God’s will that we can achieve the condition proper to us. Yes, it may involve a lot of sacrifice, but the joy and fulfillment such sacrifice would yield us is so much greater, infinitely greater than any sacrifice we may have to go through.

It’s important that we be always aware that our will is always united with God’s will! That’s where we can our best condition in life.