The pessimist finds difficulty in every situation.
The optimist finds an opportunity in every difficulty .

Social media had been a vital partner for most of us. It put forward our message, aspirations and feelings so to speak. Similarly, social media had been very quick to judge on people’s intentions, reactions and even it goes beyond by making interpretations that are clearly gathered from a wide latitude of data either positive or negative highlighted to a spin and packaged to forward a censure or an appreciation, depending on the slant the web focused on, it can be a negative thing or a positive one.

The pessimist finds difficulty in every situation. The optimist finds an opportunity in every difficulty. These quote is an overly used line attributed to Winston Churchill and many more. I tell you the web or the net can be either of the two.

Today, while reading a reply of a congratulatory comment I made when our School Organ won 2nd Runner Up in the Kultura Sinirangan Depratment of Tourism Video Infomercial Contest, I was able to come across this.

Thank you very much, sir Clemelle! Salamat san imo unwavering support sir, encouragements, and for always showing us the bright side in everything, more than enough to keep us fighting They have won Php50,000 price money from a measly Php. 5,000 budget.

The bright side in everything made my day ,it was a thing that was spawned from the simple encouraging we do and the rather small amount of money we contribute to a cause that is both institutional and community focused effort.

We sometimes forgot the power of positivism in the efforts that we do.

There is one phenomena that I want to share its called the Positivity Effect. This psychological phenomenon suggests that positive emotions enhance self-perception, self-esteem, and performance. It creates a virtuous circle where positivity reinforces positive thoughts and emotions. Psychologist call this as the Cognitive Flexibility: Positive emotions enhance cognitive flexibility, allowing us to adapt to changing circumstances. This flexibility aids problem-solving and creativity.

Thus, based on Real Science Positivity clearly helps in enhancing performance and thus, creating good results. This is proven every single day, every time!