TACLOBAN CITY- Local government units should learn to harness human capability for job generation with the help of the private sector.
Thus said Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Director General Guiling Mamondiong adding that the private sector could provide more employment opportunities for their people.
“Without the help of the private sector, our country’s economy will not improve because they are the biggest job generator. So we need the support of the private sector,” Mamondiong said in his speech during a regional consultation at the Eastern Visayas State University attended by various government agencies and private sector.
The government, he said, does not have the capability to generate thousands of jobs but could only provide incentives to private sectors who will invest at their respective locality.
“Every time there is an issue of unemployment, it is always the President who is blamed for this problem. He is accused for not making a solution to this problem. But if only the LGUs will exercise their power, they can create thousands of jobs,” Mamondiong said.
LGUs may also create jobs by organizing small groups to create an organization but for greater job generation they should promote public-private partnership, he said.
“Job generators are the private sector but I also want the LGUs to create jobs in their respective jurisdiction and stop thinking for the national government to create jobs,” Mamondiong added.
But for a person to have a job, they need to have formal education which the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education provides or by skills training which they can acquire through training at TESDA.
Sec Mamondiong also called for the national government line agencies to do their share in creating jobs, citing the Department of Tourism as an example by creating tourist destinations in every local government units in the region, in particular, which resulted to job opportunities. (ROEL T.AMAZONA)