For a woman who dreamt to become a Civil Engineer, responsible in constructing roads, bridges and other infrastructures, and be part in community development, I turned out to become a Head Teacher, running a school instead.
While my first ambition did not materialized, I still have no regrets as I will still give myself a pat on my back.
Why not?
As a Head Teacher, I am not just a part of a community but more so, I now serve as a guide and a moulder of character and personality not just among my teachers but to my students as well.
While my being a Head Teacher sometimes give me stressful days, and even nights, I don’t actually mind.
In our school, Pagsulhugon National High School, I am at the center of the wheel.
I have to balance the needs and demands of my teaching staff, the students, the school, and the community at large.
While my position in our school as its Head Teacher is not only physically demanding but mentally draining and sometimes test my patience, I still chose to carry my works and responsibilities without any hesitation.
Credit goes to my training during the School Heads Development Program last January and February of this year held at Milka Hotel.
The training, consisting of several modules, was really a big help to me.
Module 1-3, for example, was focused on instructional leadership, organizational leadership and examplars.
Also, the training help become efficient and gained needed knowledge and skills. Thanks to our intelligent speakers and facilitators.
I really see to it that every day’s work is done perfectly and on time.
I see to it that all my teachers could perform their respective tasks expected on them.
I am closely working with them to ensure that our students will turn out fine and get what they should gain while in school- knowledge.
Also, establishing a close relationship with both my teachers and students, we can achieve the vision, objectives and goals as enumerated by the Department of Education.
I must thank our schools division superintendent, Dr. Ronelo Al K. Firmo, for giving me the opportunity to manage a school, for his trust and confidence and for sending me to the said training.
Like an engineer in a construction work who is responsible in planning and in day to day building operations, my position as a School Head is designed to be an administrator and instructional leader who is responsible in daily operations of the school.
Though I did not become an Engineer, I am still happy that I became a Head Teacher.
I am at the central for child’s development. I strongly believe that everything happen for a reason. Thanks God for making me a Teacher.
(Note: The author is the school head of Pagsulhugon National High School in Babatngon, Leyte)