The ever persistent question came popping up today, as the country observes and celebrate Women’s Month. Who is the stronger, better gender?

These are interesting questions, but they do not have simple answers. There are many factors that influence the strength, lifespan, and emotionality of men and women, such as genetics, environment, culture, and individual differences. Therefore, it is not accurate to make generalizations based on gender alone. However, I can share some information from scientific studies that have explored these topics.

What does the web says;

• Strength: Men tend to be physically stronger than women, on average, because they have more muscle mass and bone density. However, strength also depends on training, nutrition, and health. Some women can be stronger than some men, especially if they practice sports or exercises that require strength12.

• Lifespan: Women tend to live longer than men, on average, in most countries and regions of the world. This is partly due to biological factors, such as having two X chromosomes, which may protect against some diseases and aging. It is also partly due to social and behavioral factors, such as having better access to health care, being less exposed to violence and risky behaviors, and having more social support.

• Emotion: Women and men may experience and express emotions differently, depending on the type, intensity, and context of the emotion. Some studies have found that women are more likely to express positive emotions, such as happiness and gratitude, and negative emotions, such as sadness and fear, than men. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to express anger and pride than

In all, we are certain of the unique gender that men and women are. But to me a man half a century of age, knew better. Women are stronger than men, ask my wife, she knows best.