TACLOBAN CITY- A newly- built evacuation facility located in Barangay 107, Santa Elena, this city, built under the Pacific Partnership was formally turnover on March 22 to the villagers .
According to Capt. Randy Van Rossum, mission commander for Pacific Partnership 2019, the facility is one of the many examples of multilateral efforts for a common good and in fostering friendship and collaboration between the US and the Philippines.
The collaboration of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and US Armed Forces exemplified what Pacific Partnership came to do, he added.
“Learn from one another, working complete collaboration, and to live their combined mark in profoundly positive way. The impact of disaster emergency transcend corners and requires comprehensive preparation and coordination among nations for effective disaster response,” Van Rossum said in his speech.
“Like this facility, the impact of Pacific Partnership 2019 will last long after the mission ends here today. This morning, I’m happy to celebrate this lasting impact with all of you,” he added.
The two-storey evacuation center, which could also serve as a multi- purpose center, was built at a cost of about $98,000 or P5 million(at P52 against a dollar) that could accommodate 60 persons
“We humbly thank you for a very memorable gift to our people that can be used by our children and the next generation to come,” Letecia Olino, barangay chairman of Santa Elena, said in her speech.
“The Philippine-American friendship is always cherished by us and the partnership has always been welcome. Thank you, not only for your support, but also for the humanitarianism effort you had served us here in Santa Elena. Thank you very much,” Olino added.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by the US Major General Arthur Logan, Mission Cmdr. Capt. Rossum, Col. Tan, and Honorable Olino.
A boodle fight was prepared for the government troops, US Armed Forces and barangay chairman after the ceremony. (RICA NIÑA FABILLAR, MA. ESTERLITA HERMANO, CHRISTINE CARDONA, LY-ANN LANIGAO, EVSU-Interns)