TACLOBAN CITY- Commission of crimes in the city could now be abetted with the help of a new mobile application designed by the city government.
Using the application dubbed as Mamamayang Ayaw sa Anomaliya, Mamamayang Ayaw sa Illegal na Droga Mobile Application (MASA MASID APP) was programmed for the sole purpose of addressing commission of crimes across the city, said Mayor Cristina Romualdez.
The program, developed by the City Management Information System Division, can be availed by the use of a cellphone.
One has just to download MASA-MASID APP at Tacloban.gov.ph, a fast communication reporting which serves as a hotline coursed thru the City’s CCGR (Community Climate Guide Response) Text Alert System.
The CCGR will process the information and immediately act in referring the report on illegal drugs to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the city police.
“It was exclusively made for Tacloban to protect and secure the identity of the persons reporting the illegal activities in their respective barangays,” Mayor Romualdez said.
The program has devised a mechanism where individuals can report an incident without identifying themselves, she added.
The mobile application using the CCGR alert system is expected to save many lives during an emergency.
The public can avail of the service by registering their mobile number and will automatically receive daily update or alert warning.