TACLOBANC CITY- This city will continue to remain under the general community quarantine (GCQ) status for the entire month of December.
And under Executive Order Number 2020-11-044 signed by City Mayor Alfred Romualdez, caroling be it by group or individual will be prohibited.
And during this Christmas season, no social gatherings or parties will be allowed to ensure that the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) would not further spread.
Mass gatherings, such as but not limited to, movie screenings, concerts, sporting events, and other entertainment activities, community assemblies and non- essential work gatherings is also prohibited while the city is still CGQ.
However, gatherings that are for the provision of critical government services and authorized humanitarian activities while adhering to the prescribed minimum health standards would be allowed.
The movement for leisure and non-essential purposes shall not be allowed.
Residents are still required to wear face shields while riding public transportation or whether inside any enclosed establishment within the city.
However, certain protocols or measures may be modified accordingly depending on the current situation of the city.
The movement of the residents in Tacloban shall be limited to accessing essential goods and services and for work in the offices or industries permitted to operate by the IATF.
The provision for the mandatory use of QR code under scan system shall continue to take effect.
As of Friday, Tacloban has 1,066 total cases of COVID of which 16 of them have died and 43 active cases.