Positions and leadership are finite. The long-serving and sturdiest leaders knew that they can only last for a certain period of time. And whatever weapons and backing they have on their arsenal, they won’t defeat the reality of entropy. The weapons and intellect cannot overcome the reality that Father Time had put in place, all must end even those who never for a moment paused to accept that they will also pass.

But wherever you are in these interconnected realities, you will be certain that you have an expiry date. As the Bible had said , there is a time for everything.

The Royalty in United Kingdom, in the incumbency of Queen Elizabeth 2, saw a sturdy metallic butterfly who passed through World Wars, Falkland War, disintegration of the Commonwealth with its empire getting out of grip and nations like India and the rest of that 15 Countries establishing a destiny of their own.

We also saw the fall of strong dictators and their sons. We are witnessing how a weaker country is surviving the onslaught of an invasion from one superpower. Proving that what is obviously a mismatch of power can be an irony.

In all, good leadership is like a life well-lived it has its righteous existence and it will have its righteous end – like a well-lived life.

Thus, for a leader to deny and ward off that certainly of finite existence is not only a blunder it is outright foolish and ultimately, a disaster.

Lessons and reality tallied by history and recorded by the world, shows that leadership and positions are only good while it lasts.

For anyone leading and holding a position of responsibility it must be that they have to do its best , all the time they can, all chances they will have.

Thus, if we are given an opportunity, then we must start a mission of goodness based on the context of positive actions . Then we must engage in the best way possible. Hopefully, we can uplift the condition where we can. And lastly, end it all well, with the most goodwill and good results for the next leader to step- on and start the good cycle to help our people.

If one had done its best today, sunset should not be a thing to worry about, its a reward for a job well done.