The summer break afforded ample time for the conduct of sports competitions in various localities at all levels, from the barangay, municipali and cities. People would see sports tournaments being held in different communities where fiestas are celebrated. The competitions are giving the youth a good way to develop their physical and mental well-being. It also serves as a good avenue away from vices and drugs.

With the growing population in every community, the youth are challenged to enhance their physical fitness to compete in various sports competitions. The number of young people are more than enough to compose a team, thereby creating more teams as no one would want to be left on the sidelines as mere spectators while their friends are enjoying the games.

It could be observed that players could easily find donors for their team uniforms unlike before where teams could hardly have a complete set of uniform even until the tournament is finished. People talk about the economic difficulties nowadays than years ago but in the field of sports, money seems easy to raise to support a team, much more fund a tournament. It could be that donors believe in the value of sports as a way to promote health and wellness more than just an event for entertainment.

But more than prizes in sports competitions is the intangible cost that athletes save from undue expenses for medical treatment and hospitalization due to illness. The person who is into sports is physically healthy and could resist minor ailments that people without physical exercise suffer with. Athletes undergo physical training in order to be competitive.

With the availability of training videos that they watch as their sports idol does, the young athlete would develop discipline as they aim to rise in the world of sports that goes beyond the ordinary sportsfests.
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