Leyte Rep. and House Speaker Martin Romualdez vehemently denies of any involvement of a signature campaign aimed to amend the 1987 Constitution thru people’s initiative. (PHOTO COURTESY)

TACLOBAN CITY– Leyte Representative and House Speaker Martin Romualdez denies any involvement on the signature campaign aim to amend the 1987 Constitution.

In a statement, Romualdez said while the main proponents of the People’s Initiative-one mode to amend the fundamental law of the land- held a meeting in his town house, it did mean that he was behind on the campaign.

“My role, as misinterpreted by some, is not as an orchestrator but as a facilitator for healthy democratic processes,” he said.

“It is crucial that I clarify that while I support the spirit of civic engagement and participatory governance, my involvement in the People’s Initiative has been purely advisory and in no way extends to mobilizing or leading their signature campaign,” Romualdez stressed.

“The initiative and its operations are entirely led and managed by the group themselves he clarified,” he added.

Speaker Romualdez also dismissed that during the gathering of signatures across the country, those who have signed the petition were being given cash.

“Furthermore, I firmly deny any allegations of involvement in unlawful activities such as vote buying related to this or any other initiative. Such practices are against my principles and the ethical standards of our government,” he said.

“I respect the autonomy of the People’s Initiative and commend their efforts to engage in constitutional discourse. However, as the Speaker of the House, my primary role is to steer legislative actions within the Congress and ensure that all processes are conducted with integrity, fairness, and in accordance with our laws,” he added.