So annoying is the reminder brandised to the public that their police officers are there to serve and protect. Such kind of sloganeering that is aimed at ensuring the public of their safety and protection from the law enforcers. The message is very clear that the subject of their service and protection are the citizenry who are the taxpayers that contribute to the public coffers. The taxpayers deserve the best service and protection from law enforcers who earn their salary that had been increased by then president whose main project was the bloody drug war.

It is public knowledge that such drug war resulted in the spill of more blood from the cold-blooded victims that were piled into statistics without due process. The drugs appeared to have increased despite the killing of persons tagged as pushers and users that do business on the streets and slum places. The bigtime operators remain bigtime and well-protected by those who pledged to serve and protect.

The well entrenched shenanigans had enjoyed the fruits of the drug trade while the small runners are easily nabbed if not sent to kingdom come.
Until the house of representatives and the senate conducted a circuitous inquiry in aid of legislation where the bigtime operators and protectors were unveiled as one. The people caught read-handed as in possession of illegal drugs and the ones nabbing them are wearing the same uniform.

But the drama that pushed the investigating committee chair to fall on his knees and the threat of detention for lying under oath did not changed the criminal minds of the purported bigtime drug traders. Truly, the drugs and the traders appear to be well served and protected under a sturdy shield.
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