ORMOC CITY- A 65-year old man fired his gun during his fits of anger, hitting in the process a young girl and two young men, this city.
Police probers identified the suspect as Herman Tubali, a native of General Santos City but residing in a boarding house owned by the victims’ mother located at Batuan Village, Ormoc, said case investigator PO3 Roel Yanuario.
The suspect used a .45 caliber pistol in shooting the victims identified as Carmelito Gonzaga, Jr.,22, his brother, Gilbert and niece, Precious Jennica,4.
The suspects sustained bullet wounds at the lower parts of the bodies but pronounced by the attending doctors not to be fatal.
The two boys are confined at the OSPA-Farmers Medical Center while the young girl, is recuperating at the Gatchalian Hospital.
Based on initial report by the city police investigators, on March 19 in the morning, the suspect looked after Helen Odanggo, mother of the two boys, but failed to do so.
In his frustration, he reportedly cracked open one of the window blades of the room where the victims were sleeping at the time and fired his gun.
The two boys were awaken and tried to grab the gun from the suspect but managed to try to get another gun from his bag.
It was learned that the suspect and Odanggo had an ongoing dispute as the former demanded for the reimbursement on the money he used in repairing the boarding house which he claimed was just ignored by Odanggo.
Odanggo said that the suspect got irate after she transferred his belongings to other rooms of the boarding house as rewiring works were undergoing at that time.
The police filed charges against Tubali for violation of Republic Act 10591, an act providing for a comprehensive law on firearms and ammunition while the victims family is readying charges against the suspect for two counts of frustrated murder and another frustrated murder in relation to RA 9262 for the child. (ELVIE ROMAN ROA)