TACLOBAN CITY- Effects and how to avoid illegal drugs was the main subject of a forum recently conducted at the Asian Development Foundation College (ADFC) this city.
The main purpose of the forum is to ensure that the students of the school would be clean of drug abuse, said its president Edward Chua.
Aside from the students, the forum was also attended by the school’s teaching staff who Chua admitted are not that informed about the matter.
Chua said that teachers play a critical role in helping their students become drug-free.
The ADFC president said that there could be some students who are into illegal drug use which makes their campaign become more important.
“Most drug use happens off-campus and we assume that parents are talking drug prevention at home while on the other hand, parents often assume also that the school has the subject covered,” Chua said.
“Prevention for us is everything and we wanted to address this problem early,” he added.
The subject on illegal drugs has become a sensitive, if not controversial, issue in the country with the government claiming that there are around 4 million Filipinos who are hooked in the illegal drugs.
The government, under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, launched a massive campaign aim to eliminate the illegal drugs problem in the country.
“Drug addiction is something we openly talk about with our students and we allow them to ask any questions. This is our way of helping the students avoid to be hook from illegal drugs,” Chua said. (JAZMIN BONIFACIO)