Only to know if they travel abroad

TACLOBAN CITY- Scholars of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) need not worry if their names appear on the list of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation (BID) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).
The inclusion of their names is only to know if they travel abroad, Edgardo Esperancilla, DOST regional director, said in a press conference.
According to Esperancilla, the names of the scholars which appear on the NBI or BID database will automatically be lifted if they will inform their office and after asking for a clearance or permit to travel abroad.
“This is only for monitoring(purposes).If they want to travel outside the country, they only need to seek clearance or permit from us and the reason why they will be going out of the country like if they are given travel order from their office to attend work-related activities abroad,” the DOST official said on Tuesday(Sept.19).
He clarified that all the names of the DOST scholars appear at the list of NBI or BID after they sign a contract with them.
The clearance given by the DOST will be presented by the scholars to the BID to allow them to leave the country.
A guarantee of undertaking will also be signed by the employer of the DOST scholars stating that they return to the country.
Esperancilla also said that under the contract signed by the scholars, they are mandated to provide service to the country after they finished their studies.
“If their course is four years, they will give back their service to the country in four years. It will depend on their course. After rendering their service to the government, their names will be taken out from the list,” he explained.