TACLOBAN CITY-Believing that this city has recovered from the onslaught of super typhoon ‘Yolanda,’ couple Mira and Sinclair Lucero has put up a business.
On November 11 of this year, the couple personally welcomed their customers at their newly-opened SOS (Save on Surplus) store, incidentally, the first branch of the said well-known store in Eastern Visayas.
The SOS Tacloban branch is located along Marasbaras district.
“We are just glad to open a branch here in Tacloban City and we know that our store will be patronized by its people and even those coming outside the city,” Mira Lucero said.
“We are optimistic that we will make good here considering that we are not only offering good service for our prospective customers but competitive prices for all the items that we sell here at SOS. We see an opportunity here in Tacloban,” she added.
According to Mira, she and her husband are loyal customers of SOS, franchise arm of HRM Philippines, Inc. reason why they decided to open its branch in Tacloban.
The Lucero couple is the franchise holder of SOS-Tacloban, becoming the 21st outlets of said company in the country.
By opening a branch in Tacloban, customers from the city and other parts of the region could now enjoy the “SOS-” type of service and products being sold,Mira said.
“It’s actually like giving back. The people here need not go to Cebu or Manila just to experience how to buy in an SOS store,” she said.
The opening of the SOS-Tacloban, which is occupying about 700 square meters of an old warehouse converted into a store, also generated employment to locals.
Teofila Brosas, executive secretary of Mayor Cristina Romualdez, said that the city government is happy for the opening of SOS in Tacloban City.
“This only affirms that business confidence has been restored after Tacloban City was devastated by Yolanda in 2013,” she said during an interview.
Katrina Tolentino, franchise manager of HMR, said that they are also glad that finally, their store is now serving the people of Tacloban and the region.
She guarantees to the public that aside from low prices, all the items that SOS is selling are of good quality, many were made from the United States and Australia.
“Our products are affordable. So it’s a destination store for all…” she said. (JOEY A. GABIETA)