Samar Governor Sharee Ann Tan lead in the blessing and opening of the obstetrics and gynecology ward at the Samar Provincial Hospital on Tuesday(May 7). The opening of the said ward, the governor said, is part of her commitment to deliver better health services to her people.

TACLOBAN CITY– The Samar Provincial Hospital (SPH) held a blessing ceremony on Tuesday (May 7) for its newly-renovated obstetrics and gynecology ward.

The revamped area boasts five spacious ward rooms accommodating a total of 36 patients, alongside a nurse station, doctor’s quarters, and refurbished comfort rooms, walls, and ceiling.

To enhance comfort for mothers and newborns, air conditioning units have been installed, complementing the hospital’s comprehensive newborn and maternal care services.

Governor Sharee Ann Tan underscored the significance of health service programs, expressing her commitment to improving healthcare access for the community.

“The government has a responsibility to enhance health services,” she said, acknowledging the vital role of healthcare providers in this endeavor.

She urged them to serve with patience and compassion, thereby upholding the dignity of the people.

SPH Chief of Hospital Dr. Jonathan Gabriel Paquit, for his part, said that the renovation’s eco-conscious design, emphasizes its alignment with green and climate-resilient principles.

“With this commitment, our vision for SPH’s enhancement is steadily materializing. We envision SPH as the premier healthcare provider in Samar,” he said.

Numerous initiatives are slated for implementation at SPH, aimed at bolstering healthcare services and fostering a culture of health-seeking behavior among the people of Samar, Paquit added.