Under the banner of ‘Spark Samar’

TACLOBAN CITY-The provincial government of Samar is to launch its newest tourism program under its “Spark Samar” campaign on Tuesday (April 16) in Basey town.
The tourism program, Tandaya Trail Tourism Circuit features the wonders of the municipalities of Sta. Rita, Marabut, and Basey.

In Tandaya Trail, one can explore the breathtaking Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge, marveling at the wonders of nature. A tourist can also immerse in the centuries-old tradition of mat weaving in Basey where craftsmanship meets culture.

One can also experience a farm-to-table concept restaurant overlooking picturesque farm landscapes and magnificent rock formations in Marabut. And delight in fresh, locally sourced ingredients while taking in the beauty of Samar’s natural scenery.

Tourists can also experience a culinary feast on sumptuous seafood dishes at San Juan by the Bay with the magical backdrop of San Juanico Bridge in Sta. Rita while enjoying the aesthetic lighting of the iconic bridge.

Second offering is the Mabaysay Cultural River Cruise where one can dive deep into Samar’s rich cultural tapestry with the Mabaysay Cultural River Cruise in Basey.

Cruise along the Cadac-an River, known as the Golden River, and one can get to stop by different wharves that offer different experiences. Guests will also get to learn the local dances, relish the delicacies, and discover the vibrant history of Samar’s Mamanwa Tribe.

Culinary treasures of Samar with the ‘Secret Kitchens of Samar’ are expected to be revealed through a gastronomy tour, the third package of the program.

One can witness cooking demos, meet kitchen heroes, and savor the flavors of authentic Samar cuisine passed down through generations.

The Spark Samar campaign is dedicated to sustainable tourism development, placing the community and its people at the heart of Samar’s tourism journey.