TACLOBAN CITY –Mayor Aran Boller of Matuguinao town, Samar has asked President Rodrigo Duterte to penalize local officials who continue to support the members of the New People’s Army (NPAs).
Boller said that the fight to quell the insurgency problem will not be achieved if some local officials will continue to extend support to the rebels.
“I hope the President will penalize these local chief executives who are not doing their obligation to eradicate insurgency problem,” Boller said.
Support of other LGU officials is very important to ensure that members of the communist groups who are on the run from the operation of government forces have no more place to hide, he added.
“If only all towns in Samar are united in this advocacy to end insurgency problem, these people will no longer have place to hide because they already loss support from the ground,” the Matuguinao mayor said.
The town mayor added that the communist group are thriving because as they continue to receive support from the people.
He added that another reason why the NPAs continue to exist due to support from several politicians who are using them for their own advantage especially during election season.
“During campaign and election time, these NPAs become goons of politicians to ensure that they will win,”he said.
Since winning as local chief executive of Matuguinao town, Boller had started his campaign against local communist group who are operating in the municipality urging members and supporters to return to the folds of the law and live a normal life with their respective families.
Last month, after giving ultimatum, 118 communist members and supporters surrendered to the military and denounced armed group of the Communist Party of the Philippines.