cartoonNo doubt that the Philippine nation has been the focus of other sovereignties the world over, when our people assume the responsibility of making a difference to make true democracy work. They proved that one dictum that characterizes the statement that “sovereignty resides on the people” is real. This was proven when the mass of people patriotically worked together at EDSA to topple down the Marcos regime having abused the power by virtually installing himself a dictator. However, he got literally driven out of the country to include his family, relatives and cronies on various crimes of plunder, human rights abuses, etc.
Democracy was restored. But the emerging national leaders never learned this lesson. Again with combined efforts of people, Erap was ousted. GMA was able to hang on up to the last hour of her controversial presidential perch. But the law of the land again triumphed and eventually placed her behind bars albeit hospital arrest. Both were charged of graft and corruption during their incumbencies.
Today, we are watching with a tinge of frustration on the lesser gods in the bureaucracy committing similar sins Marcos et al did. We are referring to legislators involved in the P10 -billion pork barrel scam. At the rate of a turtle-paced resolution for this nauseating and shameless behavior of legislators, the Filipino nation may employ once more moves to oust them from their position via the historic EDSA style -People Power bloodless revolution.
And if this happens, we should support and encourage, this Filipino peoples’ consistency in its desire to blot out graft and corruption in the corridors of power.