The BDO Unibank Inc., the Philippines largest bank today, has committed to help the country, facilitate climate resilience and promote inclusive growth, by extending financing opportunities to environment friendly infra-structure and green buildings to cut down on carbon emission.

The banks move is in response to the 2015 Paris accord (followed by similar fora climate issues), calling for the reduction of carbon footprints, specifically addressing the highly industrialized countries on earth. Lesser industrialized nations, the Philippines included, notwithstanding their low contributions to lowering carbon production, but were signatories to the accord, are obliged to contribute in implementing climate change protocols.

The same Paris accord, agreed to put a “common fund” to assist developing countries combat rise in carbon emission – funds were to come from the highly industrialized, richer countries and managed by an international body.

The Philippines is a signatory to the climate change-focused forum. Apparently, some organizations, agencies have responded to this call of saving Planet Earth. One of these laudible programs have been launched by the BDO Unibank Inc. The bank has supported the Menarco Tower developed by the Menarco Development Corporation (MDC). The Tower is not only “ green, but also heathy” – its feature includes “efficient use of water and energy through a combination of passive and active measures which includes motion sensors, energy recovery for outdoor air supply, double-glazed glass, grey-water recycling and drip irrigation for its edible garden. It can also withstand strongest typhoons and earthquakes with its solid structural integrity.”

The reduction of carbon footprint is of universal concern, the participation/contribution to climate resiliency is Earth’s marching order for mankind to follow.
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