Denmark Ambassador Pranz-Michael Mellbin was quoted saying that “The Philippines has every opportunity to be the next renewable energy (RE) success story. It has the renewable energy options for a healthy and abundant future energy mix – geothermal, hydro, biomass, solar, on- and off-shore wind and waste-to-energy.”

Indeed, the encouraging story of about the country’s rich RE mix to be realized need to be tapped after a thorough, meticulous planning process and a just transition from fossil to renewable energy involving not only regulation, but also jobs, distribution, and fair pricing are key ingredients that would help the Philippines and thrive despite the current fuel hikes, looming power outages and energy insecurity facing the country in future months.
Further, Ambassador Mellbin said “the key is for the Philippines to find the right partners (public-private partnerships) to transition to renewable energy.” Accordingly, while REs have a lot potential, it also comes with challenges that need to be addressed.

For its part, the Department of Energy (DOE) “has recently made significant steps forward in the country’s push for the development of renewable energy.”


It does matter a lot to tap personalities with deep knowledge on energy planning, management and utilization to put the energy issue in its proper perspective. Amb. Mellbin’s observation on the state of energy in the country need to be taken seriously, suggestions must be addressed thoroughly, objectively.
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