GANDARA, Samar – The scarcity of carabao’s milk, the main ingredient in the production of ‘keseo,’ has affected its production and made it rather expensive.
Local producers said that because of the lack of carabao milk, they have to get their supply in Bohol, pushing its price in the process.
Keseo or white cheese is a local delicacy of which Gandara is more known.
Marietta Bernales, a local producer, said that she needs to source out the needed carabao’s milk in Bohol every time supply runs out in her town.
“The price of carabao’s milk is cheaper in Bohol than here,” Bernales said.
A jug of carabao’s milk cost P80 in Bohol while it’s higher by P20 if one will source it in Gandara.
At least 100 litter of carabao’s milk is needed per production.
The importation of carabao’s milk from Bohol resulted for the increase on production costs, raw materials, transportation and price of the product, Bernales said.
From the previous P80 pack of keseo, it now cost P110 while the retailers sell her product at P150.
These retailers include Savemore, Robinsons, Island City Mall in Bohol, Grand tours terminal and Monterey.
Last week, President Leni Robredo distributed 15 female carabaos to the municipal government of Gandara to help keseo producers and farmers to have value-adding activities.
Town Mayor Eufemio de los Santos Oliva said that the donation of Robredo would be of big help to the keseo industry of their municipality.
“This will complement the infrastructure projects implemented by the local government and the district representative of Samar, Edgar Mary Sarmiento (and) will give additional source of livelihood to support their family,” Mayor Oliva said, referring to the beneficiaries.
Mayor Oliva added that the 15 carabaos will be distributed to people’s organization in the town composed of persons with disabilities, senior citizens, single parents, retirees and farmers’ groups.