NAVAL,Biliran– ThyroMobile, a pioneering project organized to deliver public information and thyroid healthcare services to areas identified as iodine-deficient by the Department of Science and Technology-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), recently made a stop in the town of Naval in Biliran province.

Dr. Teofilo San Luis Jr., coordinator for ThyroMobile Philippines, was at the forefront of the mission, which champions the significance of iodine micronutrients in children’s mental development.

“Iodine is an essential micronutrient,” he emphasized in an interview with PIA. “Adequate iodine in expectant mothers significantly impacts the cognitive abilities of their unborn children.”

He explained the significant influence of thyroid problems in mothers on the development of their children, cautioning about the possible decline in a child’s intelligence quotient due to insufficient iodine levels during pregnancy.

His recommendation is simple yet essential: women with thyroid complications should contemplate postponing pregnancy until their condition is under control to avoid negative consequences for their child’s cognitive growth.


Services provided included goiter screenings, thyroid ultrasounds, and blood tests for thyroid hormones and iodine levels for pregnant and lactating women and men with thyroid issues.

Alma Canete Rostata from Caibiran, Biliran, expressed her gratitude for the big help provided by the free consultation services, ultrasound, and extraction of blood samples for the THS and FT4, brought by ThyroMobile.

She looks forward to the holding of another free thyroid service in the province in the future, especially since she was advised to undergo a surgical operation.

Collaborative efforts

Organizations such as the Iodine Global Network Philippines, the Rotary Club of University District Manila, and the Philippine Thyroid Association, among others, widely support ThyroMobile’s mission.

San Luis and other medical experts, such as Dr. Salvacion T. De Vera-Sible, ensure that the events focus on healthcare interventions and provide educational opportunities. This joint effort emphasizes the significance of their mission.

ThyroMobile is currently traveling across the Philippines and playing a crucial role in promoting awareness and providing healthcare for thyroid health.

ThyroMobile is committed to ensuring that no community is left behind in the fight against thyroid disorders. Their ultimate goal is to contribute to a healthier future for all.

(RSV, PIA Biliran)