Change has always been constant, with its new School Principal, the Burauen National High School plan the new teaching assignment designated to newly hired Teachers and non-Adviser teachers giving way to the newly promoted Master Teachers and Head Teachers.
There are five newly promoted Master Teachers. From the English Department Salve Renomeron, Paz Posion from the Science Department, Aurora Abud from the TLE Department, May Desabille from AP Department, and Analyn Naboya from the MAPEH Department. Adelfa Juan is promoted from Teacher III to Head Teacher I. Adelfa Juan will be in-charged for the Grade 9 and Grade 10 as well as the Senior High School Applied subjects.
Dr. Rosita Pantin-Abio, the new School Principal of Burauen National High School, designated new teacher assignment corresponding to its grade level they will be holding as well as the new room assignment and class advisory.
Among its 63 teaching staff, 32 of which are Teacher Advisers from Grade 7 – Grade 10 and the Senior High School.
There are 9 sections in the Grade 7, for the Grade 8 there are 7 sections, for the Grade 9 there are 6 sections, for the Grade 10 there are 6 sections, and for the Grade 11 there are 4 sections as well as the Grade 12 having 4 sections also.
Newly-hired teachers are designated as new teacher advisers in lieu for the newly promoted 6 Master Teachers and 2 Head Teachers.
Dr. Abio emphasized in her message during the First Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff meeting for the S.Y. 2019-2020, that each Teacher who is given new assignment should embrace change for the betterment of the student’s welfare and the school as a whole to cater their needs.
(Note: The author is a Teacher III of the Burauen National High School, Burauen,Leyte)