As we mark today the triumph of Jesus Christ over the forces of evil and sin, let us not forget the teachings he imparted to all of mankind. The resurrection is the climax of his mission on earth. It served as the affirmation of all his teachings which were proven true by that single win over death. Without the resurrection, all the teachings that Jesus Christ gave to mankind would have turned fallacious. But our Lord Jesus Christ conquered death and prevailed over sin by way of a clean and honest win.

People are prone to employ means that are often contrary to goodness just in order to attain their goal. The tendency to depart from honest play seems normal strategy for one who is bent on attaining victory. There are people who pretend to embrace the pragmatic ways where the end is always important than the means. This is true in many forms of competitions where protagonists seem adept in employing means that although foul in its simplest sense, is found justified as the best way to ensure victory.

This explains why most, if not all of the candidates in the political arena are hell bent on employing every possible and available means just to ensure their victory at the polls. Being declared winner is what to them matters most considering that adverse actions and protests by the disgruntled losers often end futile and beyond the term in question. Those who prevailed in the elections are proclaimed and are able to hold office even against all protests and complaints being raised by those aggrieved.

But the competitions we face in life are but temporary events that come and go. The greater battle that we ought to conquer is our fight against the forces of evil. This can be done by simple tasks that could have lasting effect on the lives of many. Apart from the current clashes in politics, we must find time to know ourselves and realize that we are hard pressed facing the greater challenges within us. Winning over the undesirable traits that we cling to over the years is as important as any other.

The fight against the undesirable traits that are not in accord with the will of God is truly a tough one. We always want the easy way out and we try to leap over some rules just to attain our goals. Sure, there are a lot of ways to reach of desired goal. It is up to us to choose the means to reach our goals for as long as we end up winner. This is the prevailing condition upon which many people lodge their fight against the odds in life.

As we celebrate the joy of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is but fitting that we acknowledge our weaknesses that may bring us damnation. The message of Easter would be more meaningful if we keep true to our promise of turning away from evil and living in accordance with the will of God. Only if we succeed in conquering ourselves and be the master of our undesirable traits can we become a true winner.

But being winner is not the be all and end all in this journey of life. We ought to follow the way that was shown to us by Jesus Christ for it is the one that will lead us to eternal salvation. All other triumphs are but temporary and not bring us to our final destiny that is the resurrection.
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