Amid controversy involving Mayor Guo

REVIEW PROCESS. Amid the controversy involving Bamban Mayor Alice Guo, Congress will look a review on the late birth registration, says An Tingog party-list Rep. Jude Acidre. (Photo File)

TACLOBAN CITY-Congress is set to conduct hearings aimed at reviewing the process of late birth registration following the controversy involving Bamban Mayor Alice Guo, who initially underwent the process but has since been confirmed to be a Chinese national.
This was disclosed by Rep. Jude Acidre of the Tingog party-list group, who indicated that Mayor Guo’s case may not be an isolated incident.

“In Congress, there will be hearings to review the process of late birth registration. Mayor Guo has not only mocked our electoral system but also the essence of being Filipino,” Acidre stated in a media interview on Sunday (June 30).

“I believe this may not be an isolated case. There could be others,” he added.

However, Acidre was quick not to attribute blame to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) for allowing the controversial mayor to register her birth through the late registration process.

“It’s not fair to point fingers because the PSA operates on the presumption of the regularity of the process,” the lawmaker remarked.

“However, additional safeguards should be in place, such as a counter-checking,” Acidre emphasized.

When asked if the previous administration of former President Rodrigo Duterte should be held accountable for Guo’s entry into the country and assumption of Filipino nationality, Acidre dismissed the notion.

“I don’t think it’s fair to assign responsibility to the former administration. Let the investigation and the courts determine that,” Acidre asserted.

Earlier, the National Bureau of Investigation reported that Mayor Guo’s fingerprints matched those of Chinese national Guo Hua Ping.

Furthermore, the mayor faces a quo warranto complaint which Acidre supports, stating that all evidence uncovered suggests she is not a genuine Filipino.

“The law must be enforced now that there is proof of deceit. In this case, the logical step is to urge the Solicitor General to file a quo warranto so that any anomalies can be corrected,” Acidre concluded. (JOEY A. GABIETA)