NAVAL, Biliran- An access road leading to Naval seaport has been improved by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)-Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO).
From a bumpy and narrow existing concrete road, travelers along Vicentillo Extension to Naval port is experiencing a great difference of travel with the completion of DPWH-Biliran DEO access road project.
David Julian Culibra, who frequently pass along this road section in going home, said that he now enjoys riding his motorcycle along this road.
Before the rehabilitation project of DPWH, the road along this section had intermittent big potholes, posing danger to the travelling public.
“The existing substandard concrete road shows rutting and depressions and it was difficult to drive because the road is uneven,” explained Culibra.
In convergence with the DPWH and the Department of Transportation (DOTr), DPWH-Biliran DEO has included the rehabilitation of this project under its 2017 Regular Infrastructure Program with a contract cost of P37.13 million.
According to District Engineer David P. Adongay Jr., the project was prioritized because of the traffic congestion along this route during peak hours due to its damaged surface.
The said project involves the rehabilitation of damaged substandard local road with a width of 6.10 –meter and a thickness of 0.23-meter and with a length of 1.390-kilometer two lane road. It also involves a construction of 754-meter length of drainage canal and payment of Road-Right-Of-Way (RROW).
Application of asphalt overlay with thermoplastic pavement is also included in the scope of work.
At present, it has already a smooth surface and is much safer for the traveling public.
“This is the kind of road I like to travel every day,” said Culibra. (PR)