ORMOC CITY– A Philippine Red Cross worker was found dead Sunday (Nov.6) in Barangay Galutan, Catarman, Northern Samar.

Police Lt. Col. Ma. Bella Rentuaya, regional information officer of the Philippine National Police, identified the victim as Jasper Marquez, 27, single, and resident of the village where his dead body was found in a grassy part of the village at about 7:30 am.

Rentuaya said that a report from the Catarman Police Station said that it was the village chairman, Elpidio Saliling, who reported the incident to the local police.

She added that based on the initial investigation conducted by responding police through an interview in the area with friends and relatives of the victim disclosed that Marquez was last seen about 1:30 early morning.

Rentuaya further said that a friend of the victim, Ernesto Pabia, disclosed that before the incident, he and the victim went on board on their respective motorcycle to Elyang Bar located at Bobon, also in Northern Samar to relax and have fun.

Pabia said that after consuming two bottles of beer they decided to go home and when they arrived at Catarman proper at about 1:30 am, the victim told him that he had to meet someone.

A thorough investigation is now being conducted by the local police to unmask those responsible on the gruesome murder of Marquez.