As part of the 2020 ID system policy

TACLOBAN CITY-This early, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) here in the region is asking individuals who have no live birth records to register themselves as they are readying for the implement the national ID system program July of next year.
Wilma Perante, PSA regional director, said that while Eastern Visayas is not part of the first regions in the country where the Philippine Identification System ID (PhilSys ID) is to be tested, they are encouraging those who have no records with their office to have themselves registered.
This way, they would not find any difficulties once the program will be rolled out starting on July,2020.
Perante, speaking during the weekly media forum ‘Kapihan ha PIA” on Thursday(Sept.26),they estimated that out of more than 4 million people of the region, 10 percent of them have no birth records at their office.
Around 90 percent of the people of the region have records with their office, using their registration level.
Thus, she said, they are asking them to register with their office under the early registration process being offered by the government.
Perante said that they are asking all the people of the region to cooperate, especially those who have no records with their office.
“We encourage those who have no live birth (record) to register under the late registration (policy) which is needed under the program before we implement it on July, 2020,” the PSA regional head said.
She said that those who will have no ID under the program, which is to be completed by 2022, are likely to be left out from programs being offered by the government where IDs are required.
“They will not benefit the programs of the government that requires an ID,” she said.
Perante said that under the program, all citizens of the country, from zero to 100 years old or more, to include the indigenous peoples (IPs), are required to enroll under it.
She said that basic informations of a person like his name, birthday, and address, among others, are those contain in the ID.
This early, Perante assured the public that all data contained under the ID will not be used for any sinister purpose but merely to have a single identification cards for all Filipinos.
“All informations contain in the ID will be strictly confidential as we adhere to the Data Privacy Act,” the PSA-8 director said.
Some sectors have expressed their opposition to the national ID system program of the government saying this could be used against them by the government.