KANANGA, Leyte – Leading Cebu-based construction firm, Primary Structures Corporation (PSC), has renewed its partnership with technical-vocational institution, Keitech Educational Foundation, Inc., to support its on-the-job training requirements for its regular trainees and at the same time, provide potential employment to its graduates.

Thirty of the 60 KEITECH trainees who have undergone the heavy industrial multi-process welding course will be deployed in PSC for 3 months.

“This renewal signifies both parties’ strong and fruitful partnership that began 14 years ago in the same year when KEITECH was founded. We are thankful to PSC’s solid support all these years,” said KEITECH Administrator Erwin Magallanes.

Over 1,200 trainees have successfully completed their technical-vocational courses in KEITECH and passed their national certification exams from TESDA since it was established in 2009.

Established in 2009 by the country’s 100% renewable energy company, First Gen-owned Energy Development Corporation (EDC), KEITECH aims to help address poverty incidence in the province that was estimated at nearly half of its total population at that time.

KEITECH has been providing a revolutionary curriculum consisting of technical training combined with life skills and values formation that help capacitate local out-of-school youth and enhance their success at gainful employment both here and abroad in sectors such as hospitality, food and beverage services, construction, engineering and many others.

Since its establishment, KEITECH has trained over 1,200 students and has consistently held the record for 100-percent passing rate in national certification exams among its graduates, thereby making them highly in demand among employers here and abroad.

A critical part of its curriculum is the on-the-job (OJT) training that all trainees need to undergo to hone their skills prior to graduating from the 10-month course. This is where PSC has been helping KEITECH by providing an opportunity to be accommodated as OJT Trainees or better yet, be employed in the company.

“We are more than glad to be one of KEITECH’s conduit of change and progress since its inception through the OJT and jobs that we have been providing to its highly qualified trainees,” said Ms. Paulette D. Liu, Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Administration at PSC.

To date, more than 300 of its trainees have completed their OJT training in PSC while at least 15 of its graduates are now gainfully employed by the construction firm. This school year, 30 out of KEITECH’s 60 trainees who have undergone the Heavy Industrial Multi-Process Welding course will be deployed in PSC for 3 months. This batch is set to graduate on June 30, 2023. (PR)