CATARMAN, Northern Samar-President Duterte has ordered the soldiers to “neutralize” the communist rebels to help end insurgency problem of the country.
In a speech before soldiers belonging to 803rd Infantry Brigade in Camp Juan Ponce Sumoroy on Tuesday(Oct.2), the President said soldiers should kill themselves instead of surrendering during a gun battle with the sparrow unit New People’s Army’s (NPA) liquidation group.
The President said the soldiers should never allow themselves to die in the hands of the sparrow unit members.
“As I promised before, I have your back,” he said.
“Just continue performing your duty well and you can be assured that this administration will take care of you and your children” he added.
Mr. Duterte renewed his call for the NPA rebels to leave the armed struggle and surrender.
“I reiterate this administration’s call for communist terrorists to abandon their extremist activities and return to the fold of the law,” he said.
At the same time, he asked the soldiers to beef up their intelligence gathering and neutralized the communist group.
“We are not into crime prevention. It’s neutralization, neutralization tayo…” he said.
He pointed out that there was no such thing as crime prevention in the fight against communist rebels because the latter were committing crime of rebellion daily.
“There is no crime prevention because the crime is bring committed, perpetrated 24 hours a day. So hindi na kailangan magtanong ng warrant na yan. They are committing the crime of rebellion 24 hours a day, Naghahanap lang yun ng engkwentro,” he said.
“I will be criticized.Im telling you, I am guiding you what is practical and what is true and legal,” he added.
President Duterte went on to his usual rant against the Communist Party of the Philippines which had done nothing but kill police, soldiers and civilians for more than 50 years.
He described CPP founder Jose Sison as “hambugero (egotist)” whose group could not even overran a village.
During his visit, Duterte who was wearing a military camouflage, also provided financial assistance to 15 former NPA members from the province who returned to the folds of the law.
He arrived in Catarman at 3:36 p.m. and was accompanied Special Assistant to the President Bong Go and his military adviser, Undersecretary Arthur Tabaquero, who once head of the 8th Infantry Division where the 803rd IB belongs. (JOEY A. GABIETA)