TACLOBAN CITY- The regional Police Regional Office has released its own version of 10 Commandments dubbed as “PRO8 10 Police Commandments”.
And just like the biblical commandments, the region’s police force, now under the leadership of Chief Supt. Gilberto Cruz, are expected to obey it to the letter.
The first commandment prohibits policemen who are on duty not to sleep with the second command prohibiting them not to smoke while also on duty.
As a third commandment, they are also advised to wear their proper uniform and should not be under the influence of liquor as the fourth commandment.
Fifth commandment mandates them to always be neat and clean and not to read newspaper while on duty as the sixth commandment.
Seventh commandment refers to police on duty should be polite and be attentive to people while the eight prohibits a duty officer not to leave his post until his reliever or replacement has not arrived.
Officers on duty are not allowed to use their cellular phones for texting and are not allowed to use their phones for games while on duty, is the 9th commandment.
For the 10th and final commandment, officers are not allowed to ride motorcycle vehicles without using protective gear like helmet while on patrol.
Chief Inspector Ma. Bella Rentuaya, regional police information officer, asked the public to text or inform them if they happen to see any police officer violating their 10 commandments.
They can file their complaints at the PRO8 Internal Discipline Monitoring Group or at PRO8 Kasugbong Mo Hotline at 09551369334 or contact them at their social media accounts Pulis Rehiyon VIII.