Of all the alternative learning modalities offered by the Department of Education for S.Y. 2020-2021, most learners prefer to use “modular distance learning modality.”
Since face-to-face classes are not yet allowed, Plaridel Elementary School adopts the Modular Distance Learning Delivery Modality. This is based on the results of the Learner Enrollment and Survey Forms (LESFs) distributed during the enrollment period. It showed that most learners prefer to use modular distance learning for school year 2020-2021.
Modular Distance Learning involves individualized instruction that allows learners to use self-learning modules (SLMs) in print or digital format whichever is applicable in the context of the learner. The teacher takes the responsibility of monitoring the progress of the learners. The learners may ask assistance from the teacher via e-mail, telephone, text message/instant messaging, etc. Where possible, the teacher shall do home visits to learners needing remediation or assistance. Any member of the family or other stakeholder in the community needs to serve as para-teachers.
In preparation for the opening of classes on August 24, DepEd Secretary Briones ensures that modules are already available before the start of classes since the preparations for SLMs started in May.
If ever there is a delay in the distribution of SLMs the teachers in our district will use the Activity Sheets and Worksheets that they have made for the first two weeks of classes.
(Note: the author is a teacher-in-charge of Plaridel ES-Dagami North District)