The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), production data shows that the Philippines metallic production increased by 30% in the first 3 quarters ending September 2022. This was based on the higher output and prices of nickel and gold – showing the rise in value by 29.21 percent equivalent to P175.61 billion.

The MGB pointed out some important factors for this development were “the bullish metal prices of nickel ore and gold, paired with the increased mine output of gold ,silver, chromite and iron ore during the period.” The Bureau summed up their report saying “Overall, there was a remarkable increase in the value of mineral commodities year-on year.” Further, reported that “in terms of regional contribution, the Caraga region (also known as the country’s mining hub) cornered 37.26 percent of the total production valued at P65.57 billion.” This was followed by Mimaropa with 11.19 percentat P18.62 billion.

Accordingly, the government plans to tap the potential of the mining sector to push for the country’s economic growth through the declaration of more Minahang Bayan.


Earlier, I tackled the issue of tapping the mineral resources using latest technology/ies, for both land- and sea-based, as saving grace to make the revenue of the country look healthier and to hasten its economic recovery.

I come from Region 8 (Eastern Visayas) where there high mountains and bodies of fresh- and marine waters which if explored could yield precious metals. Samar Island has tall mountains shared by the 3 provinces of Samar (Northern, Eastern, and Western); likewise, is Leyte Island which has the Amandiwing mountain shared by the towns of La Paz, Burauen, Dagami, Pastrana, Sta. Fe, Jaro, Carigara), among others. Add to this the presence of freshwater and marine water bodies, which the MGB could test for metallic deposits.

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